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True Passion For Breeding, Hunting and Outdoor Activities

Dear Dog Lovers And Fellow Hunters,

We are a small, family based kennel in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Our adventure began as a small group of hunters and outdoor activities lovers, who combined efforts to buy big game tags, to go scout and spend wonderful nights under the stars. Individually everyone had decent experience already, so we wanted to implement everything we know and improve the group performance as much as we could. That meant the best dogs, guns, ammo, strategies and tactics. With time we have reached a valuable conclusion that there is a big difference between capable hunting dogs coming from particular bloodlines mixed with the correct training is a vital part of our success out there. We became very strict and demanding for the origin and the training of our dogs. As we began to enjoy truly intelligent and positive companionship we began to think that we can offer this gift to our fellow hunters and dog lovers. As we have been breeding for a while, we believe we are close to a very satisfiable formula that produces Great Champions and Good Friends. We are implementing strict diets, containing many vitamins, proteins and specific eating habits. Our hygiene is on an exceptional level and our dogs are coming to this world in an environment that puts a smile on their baby faces right away. We have taken care of all their needs using the necessary technology, to make sure we raise and train happy dogs that will continue the healthy legacy of our bloodlines. 

Our puppies also come with:

1. Current Vaccination

2. Tail / Dewclaus Docked and Dewormed for all 4 worms

3. AKC, CKC or NAVHDA Buyer Registration Application and Pedigree

4. Health Record and Purchase Agreement with a Health Guarantee

5. When Shipping is requested it includes: Air Fair, Veterinarian Health Certificate, Cradle, Puppy Travel Pack

6. 30 days Free Health Insurance. Must be activated with the New Owner Info

7. Starter Kit including Food for 5-7 days

License Number: A17-067480